Tokyo is known as the world famous cutting-edge metropolis. However, do you know that actually Tokyo has a rich nature as well? We would like to introduce “TAMASHIMA” that consists of Tama area and Shima of Tokyo, blessed with rich nature. Tama area refers to the scenery of mountains and Shima area refers to islands of Tokyo. Why don’t you go to see the mysteries of nature?



This TAMASHIMA promotional movie titled “Wonders” shows us how fascinating the nature of Tokyo is!

Experience the “Wonders” of TAMA

mitake mountain © TCVB

TAMA area is full of mysterious nature. People visit throughout the year to fully enjoy a lot of outdoor activities such as trekking, climbing and more! It is a popular area for climbers because of the good accessibility from the heart of Tokyo.

The dynamic waterfall “Hossawa no Taki” of Hinohara-mura village is listed as the 100 best waterfalls in Japan. Many people visit to enjoy trekking in the summertime and see the frozen falls in the wintertime.

Nippara Shonyudo limestone cave in Okutama-cho town is the largest limestone cave in the Kanto region where is absolutely a mysterious world. Why don’t you experience the extraordinary atmosphere? Since it’s chilly in the cave even during the summertime, you should bring a long-sleeve shirt when you visit. Don’t miss the breathtaking illuminated space in the cave as well.
Akikawa Keikoku Gorge in Akiruno City is always lively especially in the summertime with people who enjoy BBQ, bathing in the river and more. In autumn, the beautiful coloring of leaves can be seen especially the view from Ishibune-bashi Bridge that crosses between Hinohara-kaido Road and Akikawa Keikoku Gorge is superb! Also, there is the Ohtake Shonyudo limestone cave which is a natural monument of Tokyo nearby.

Experience the “Wonders” in SHIMA

SHIMA area has beautiful beaches and unexplored great nature making it hard to believe you’re in Tokyo. Why don’t you go to see the superb views and enjoy aquatic sports in a stunning emerald ocean? Recently, it has become popular as the place to see dolphins and whales.


oyama observation platform park © TCVB

There are many great scenic spots surrounded by the photogenic emerald green ocean in Minami-jima Island where only 100 people can land per day. Minami-jima Island is a tropical island situated on 27 degrees north latitude which is the same as the location of Okinawa. Many rare wildlife and tropical plants live on the island. You might also be able to see dolphins and whales in the ocean!

Aogashima Island is called an unexplored volcanic island of Tokyo. Aogashima has double caldera which an art made by nature and rarely found in the world. The view from the highest place called Ohtonbu observatory is breathtaking! The outer caldera is called Gairinzan and the inner one is called Nairinzan or Maruyama, and there is another observatory on Nairinzan.

You can feel the strong volcano power in Miyakejima Island. You can even see the remains of the volcano such as the crater-lake Tairoike, roads made on the lava, a huge and interesting shaped rock called Meganeiwa formed by erosion. Hot springs for relaxation is also available after exploring the volcanic island.

Please visit and experience the rich nature of TAMA area close to the center of Tokyo. SHIMA area consists of Ogasawara Islands and Izu Shichito Islands and each island has its own unique attraction.