Ishizaki-cho in Nanao City is a fishing town, located in the center of Noto Peninsula. The promotional movie introduces the biggest lantern float festival in the Noto Peninsula called “Issaki Hoto (Hoto is the lantern float) Festival”. The lantern is called “Kiriko” which is a uniquely designed lantern float found in the Noto Peninsula and there are many Kiriko festivals in the region. The lantern floats are 15m high and weigh 2 tons. About a hundred excited fishermen carry the overwhelming floats.



Nanao City is located in Western Hokuriku Region and the heart of Noto region in Ishikawa Prefecture, faces Toyama Bay and Nanao Bay. The city is a port town but the agriculture is active too. Nanao City is a well-known Onsen (hot springs) place in Japan as well. Also, the city was the first in Japan to be designated with a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System. There are so many must-see places in the city such as old townscapes from the Edo Period, other historical places, museums and more! We are happy to introduce those sightseeing spots in Nanao City.

Must-see places in Nanao City

Nanao Castle remains

One of the most famous sightseeing places in Nanao City is the Nanao Castle remains which was built by Hatakeyama who was the governor of Noto Province in 1408. Hatakeyama had flourished for 170 years. The castle was built on a rugged mountainous area. Nowadays, we can drive to the peak of the mountain and observatory is the best scenic spot. Of course, trekking is available too. There is the Nanao Castle Museum nearby, to learn more about the history. Noto Island on Nanao Bay is such an exciting place to visit, that has many must-see places and activities such as Notojima Glass Art Museum, Notojima Glass Studio, Notojima Aquarium and more.


Wakura Onsen (hot springs)

Wakura Onsen is one of the best hot spring town in Japan with a history of 1200 years and many tourists visit from all over the world throughout the year. There are many Ryokan accommodations in the neighborhood so it’s a popular place to stay for tourists. Not only hot springs but many sightseeing spots are available in the town as well.

Excellent foodie town Nanao City

Nanao City is often called “Sushi Kingdom” because the city is a port town where fresh seafood is available all the time. Nanao Bay, called “Natural fish tank”, is one of the best fishing places in Japan and there are many Sushi places throughout town that serve fresh and delicious Sushi. Noto Shokusai Market is a great place to enjoy seafood, sushi, hamayaki (seafood BBQ) and more fresh local food. It’s also a good shopping place to find souvenirs. Japanese food is not the only great cousin to enjoy in Nanao City. There are some Italian and French restaurants that offer authentic dishes made with fresh local ingredients as well.

Why don’t you visit Nanao City to enjoy great places and food?


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