The promotional movie shows us countless fascination of Kanazawa City such as old townscapes from the Edo Period, Kenrokuen Garden, traditional handcrafts like gold leaf, plasterworks, Kaga Yuzen and more must-see places like Omi-cho market, museums and Noh theater. Please enjoy the movie filled with charms of the city, that makes you want to visit right away!



Kanazawa City is a the capital city located in the center of Ishikawa Prefecture. In the Edo Period, Kanazawa City flourished as a castle town of Kaga-han which earned the best Kokudaka (stipend) other than Edo Bakufu, and was as large as Nagoya, the 3rd largest city after Edo, Osaka, Kyo. The same old townscape of the Edo Period still remains, and there are many traditional handcrafts that were born in the long history. The most famous place to visit in Kanazawa City is Kenrokuen Garden which is known as one of the three best gardens in Japan. Kanazawa City has a cuisine rich in regional flavor with fresh seafood and local food.

Access to Kanazawa City

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 1 hour from Haneda Airport to Komatsu Airport. 40 mins from Komatsu Airport to Kanazawa station west exit by Limousine bus.

Arriving by train:

Approximately 3 hours from Tokyo station to Kanazawa station by bullet train.

A must-see spot in Kanazawa City

Kenrokuen Garden

Kenrokuen Garden is designated as a national special scenic spot and is known as one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan with Korakuen in Okayama city and Kairakuen in Mito city. Kenrokuen Garden was awarded three stars in the Michelin Green Guide in 2009. The beautiful garden made during the Edo Period, shows us different sceneries in every season. It is a world famous scenic spot that brings a lot of tourists throughout the year. Kenrokuen Garden offers free entrance during early admission hours. During the evening, the garden is beautifully illuminated and definitely worth to see.

A must-eat dish in Kanazawa City


Jibuni is a traditional dish that has been locally eaten since the Edo Period. It is stewed duck (or chicken), Shiitake mushrooms, greens and Sudarefu (local product of wheat gluten) in soy sauce flavored broth. It goes well with Wasabi.

A must-buy souvenir in Kanazawa City

Gold leaf products

A variety of traditional handcrafts can be found in Kanazawa City, so it’s a bit hard to decide what souvenir you should get. Gold leaf products are highly recommended and very popular. Why don’t you get gold leaf products such as edible gold leaf for decoration, accessories, cosmetics and more!?

The dialect of Kanazawa City

The dialect of Kanazawa City is called “Kanazawa-ben” which is a kind of Hokuriku dialect and is spoken in Kanazawa city as well as its environs. It is sometimes called “Kanazawa-kotoba” but “Kanazawa-kotoba” is a language spoken by Geisha to their customers. Kanazawa-ben has developed under the unique environment as snowy castle town and is affected by Kinki dialect and other Hokuriku dialects.

Shimasshi … Do (something ) *It is used when someone orders actions to others
Kinodokuna … Thank you
Enjomon … aliens / strangers

Why don’t you visit Kanazawa city to see and feel the atmosphere of the Edo Period?


“Tourism Ishikawa ”Ishikawa Prefecture official tourism information site.