Jeanne is a French female essayist who writes travel essays while travelling around the world.

Together with her assistant Hana, she visits Yoshino in Nara to do some research.

Male mountain guard Tomo, who lives in a mountain among a thicket of cedar trees, meets with Jeanne, just like the old woman called Aki predicted. The two overcome the cultural barrier between them, and gradually form an emotional bond.



Just like Tomo, mountain guard Rin, hunter Gaku, and Gen also live in the mountain and protect it.

The fates of these people get interlaced in an inconceivable way…

Why did Jeanne visit this mysterious land with lush greenery?

What kind of future is waiting for Tomo, the man who lives in the mountains?

Set in a mountain in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture

The producer of this movie is Naomi Kawase, a director who was born and raised in Nara Prefecture.

The movie was made to feel as real as possible, and it has received high acclaim all around the world.

As soon as Director Kawase had chosen her birthplace as the setting for the film, she started to travel around mountains and forests in Nara in order to create the scenario for the film.

In these forests all the “Moronjo trees” (a type of juniper tree) gave her a big inspiration, and the story started to take shape. These Moronjo trees also became the symbol of the film.

The location in Yoshino is such a fascinating place that it served as an inspiration even for the famous poet Matsuo Basho, who composed many of his poems there.

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Enjoy the film “Vision” together with Yoshino area in Nara Prefecture.


Movie “Vision”

June 8 (Friday) theatrical release in select theaters



【Staff and Cast】

Cast: Juliette Binoche, Masatoshi Nagase, Takanori Iwata, Mirai Moriyama, Min Tanaka

Cameo Appearance: Mari Natsuki

Director and Story: Naomi Kawase

Planning and Collaboration: Masato Kotake

Executive Producer: EXILE HIRO

Producers: Marianne Slot, Satoshi Miyazaki, Naomi Kawase

Distributor: LDH PICTURES

2018/Japan and France/110 minutes/CinemaScope