Saitama is located right above Tokyo and its annual average temperature is warm at around 15.8 degrees Celsius. It is the prefecture with the least number of natural disasters.

The forests open just outside the city centers and delicious vegetables are produced in the clean and fresh air here.



Saitama is also known for having many places in Anime, such as “Crayon Shin-chan” and “Raki ☆Sta/Lucky Star.” People who love Anime come to take photos of these places.

Below we are going to introduce recommended spots of Saitama.

Let’s go sightseeing in Saitama!

Kurazukuri houses


At the Omiya Bonsai Village and Bonsai Museum you see in the video, there are a couple of popular spots for tourists from abroad to visit. Japanese bonsai known as “BONSAI” in English, are getting very popular all around Europe and the United States recently. If you come here, you can see various popular bonsai.

At Bonsai-cho in the city of Saitama, you can experience making your own Bonsai at Saikabonsai Class! Because there are translated workshops, you don’t have to worry about the language barrier even if you don’t speak Japanese.


Kawagoe city is known as a small Edo city as it has the cityscape of Kurazukuri which is an architectural structure from the Edo period. Because the outer walls of Kurazukuri houses are made of soil, it is very fire resilient and it even survived through a big fire in the Meiji era.


Please search “# Saitama walk” on Instagram to find more of the photogenic spots in Saitama. You will find many wonderful places visited by both local citizens and foreign tourists.

Saitama is also for Anime pilgrimages!

There are Anime pilgrimage destinations that are famous not only in Japan, but all over the world too. Shin-chan from “Crayon Shin-chan” lives in the city of Kasukabe in Saitama, so when you go to the tourist center at Kasukabe station, you will see posters and images from “Crayon Shin-chan” everywhere.

The shrine from the anime that is about Japanese high school girls,“Raki ☆Sta/Lucky Star”, is Washunomi Shrine in the city of Kuki in Saitama. You will see pictures of the characters even on their votive picture tablets at the shrine.

In Tokorozawa, there is the house of Kurosuke which is from the famous Anime movie, “Totoro,” and inside the house, there are many Kurosuke hiding.

These are Saitama Souvenirs!

“Tokachi sweetened Azuki bean “Honpo” has 23 stores in Saitama Prefecture. They sell Japanese sweets made with healthy and safe ingredients. Their sweet bean Natto are completely different food from the sticky Natto you may imagine and are beans dipped in sugar.

Because sweet potato is one of the specialties of Kawagoe, “Imokoi” from Umon, is a sweet made with sweet potatos, sweet beans and mochi and is very popular as a souvenir.


In conclusion, Saitama is where you can enjoy the history of Japan and Anime culture.