Yoshino District, which was once featured in a movie, is located in the center of Nara Prefecture.
It is a place famous for its cherry blossoms, and it is also a sacred training place. It is a place where even today you can feel all the history that has been cultivated over the years.



Below, please find attractive places of Yoshino.

Mount Yoshino


Around 30 000 mountain cherry trees blossom at Mount Yoshino, which is said to be the most famous place to view cherry blossoms in Japan.
Since about 1300 years ago, the cherry trees have been treated as sacred trees, and taken good care of by Japanese people. Here, we will introduce the areas of Mount Yoshino, which is a place that looks gorgeous no matter where you look.

Shimosenbon (lit. lower 1000 trees) area, which can be reached in 15 minutes from the parking lot, has a popular observation platform with a beautiful view of cherry trees that appear to be running up the mountains.
If you walk just a bit further, you can visit Kinpusenji Temple, which has been registered as a World Heritage Site.
After an hour of climbing up the mountain, you will reach the Kamisenbon (lit. upper 1000 trees) area. Looking down from Hanayagara Observatory, at 600 meters above sea level, makes you feel like you are viewing cherry blossoms from the sky.

Located at the very back is the Okusenbo (lit. innermost 1000 trees) area, where not only there are cherry blossoms, but also Saigyoan, which is said to be the place where Saigyo Hoshi, a Japanese poet who lived in the Heian period, once resided. When you look at the scenery, just like Saigyo Hoshi who wrote plenty of poems related to cherry blossoms, you might even come up with some lovely ideas.


Sightseeing spots in Yoshino District

Yoshino is not just about cherry blossoms. You can for example hike in nature or enjoy river rafting and many other unique experiences.
There is a suspension bridge at Kumano River, that hangs 54 meters above the river surface, and is 297 meters in length. Crossing the long swaying suspension bridge is a very thrilling experience! Kurotaki Village also has a long suspension bridge, as well as a place called Kurotaki-Morimonogatari Village, where you can spend a night in a cottage or a bungalow.

There is a rare local specialty called Totsukawa Yubeshi, which is made by carving out the interior of a Yuzu citrus, stuffing it with various ingredients like buckwheat flour and miso, and drying it. It is also called a Japanese style cheese, so people who like cheese should definitely try it out.


Yoshino town