Kochi Prefecture is located in Shikoku, a prefecture that is surrounded by sea. It is the sunniest, but also the rainiest prefecture in Japan.

Kochi Prefecture is also famous as the place where the revolutionary Sakamoto Ryoma, who was active in the end of the Edo period (1853–1869), was born and raised in.



Here we will introduce Kochi Prefecture, which has many historical tourist spots, places that have been blessed with plenty of nature, and plenty of delicious food.




Learn about Sakamoto Ryoma in Kochi

Ryoma statue

Sakamoto Ryoma, who had a big influence on Japanese history, was born and raised in today’s Kochi Prefecture.

The 5.3-meter-tall Ryoma statue is popular among many tourists! In spring and autumn, a watchtower is built next to the statue, that allows you to look out to the Pacific Ocean from the same point of view as the statue.

In Kami-machi, Kochi City, there is Sakamoto Ryoma’s Birthplace Memorial Museum, where you can learn what he did, and what kind of people he had a connection with. There is a replica of the house where Sakamoto Ryoma lived, as well as a place where you can take a photo together with a bronze statue, so it can also be recommended for those who want to make memories.

If you send a letter from Ryoma Post Office, which is located within two minutes walking distance from the memorial museum, the letter will be postmarked with a picture of Sakamoto Ryoma.




Spots where you can enjoy Kochi

Ino Paper Museum

You can view the world 7 meters under the sea level through a glass window in Ashizuri Underwater Aquarium in Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park. Enjoy viewing such fish as porcupinefish or rudder fish, that every now and then appear.

Other interesting places next to the sea include the fishing harbor where you can watch whales and dolphins, and Yasea Park, which is a combination of a swimming beach and a roadside station.

If you want to experience the local culture of Kochi, we recommend Ino Paper Museum. You can try making your own paper at the useum. It is also a good place to get a souvenir, as you can take home Japanese paper that has been dried for around a year! You can also buy Tosa-washi paper, which has been around for a long time, and is available in many colors.




If you want to eat something in Kochi, try these!

Being located next to the sea, seafood like skipjack tuna and splendid alfonsino is popular in Kochi Prefecture.

In Shimanto Town where Shimanto River flows, you can enjoy Shimanto pork donburi (Japanese rice bowl dish), which there exists various flavors of depending on the restaurant.

In Tosashimizu City, pera-yaki is an old beloved thin omelet-type dish, which is a mixture of many ingredients including wheat flour, green onion, and jakoten.




Let’s buy Kochi souvenirs

Speaking of famous confectioneries in Tosa, Tosa Nikki is a bite-sized mochi rice cake that was made in 1954. It is a typical sweet that is filled with smooth red bean paste.

Imokenpi are sweet potato fries with sweet honey on top. Kochi Prefecture Suishatei’s imokenpi product Shiokenpi has honey, which has deep ocean water with plenty of minerals in it. The sweet and salty Shiokenpi was also featured on television.

In Umaji Village, which is famous for its yuzu, there is a super popular juice, which is made of organic yuzu and honey! There are also other products, like eggs that have yuzu aroma, and ponzu, which is a mix of citrus-based sauce and soy sauce.