There are no beaches in Tochigi, since it is an inland prefecture.

However, it is well known for its beautiful nature. The video features attractive aspects of Tochigi in a rhythmic pace.





Tourist Attractions in Tochigi Prefecture

Chuzenjiko (Lake Chuzenji)


Nikko Toshogu Shrine is a popular sightseeing spot in Tochigi, originally dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu. It is registered as a World Heritage Site and National Treasure. It is fun to seek for the wide variety of animals carved in the walls, such as the “three wise monkeys,” known for the saying “see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.”

Chuzenjiko (Lake Chuzenji) is a scenic lake located in Nikko National Park. Why not get on a pleasure boat and enjoy the vast nature from above the lake?

Kegon no Taki (Kegon Waterfall or Kegon Falls) is one of “Japan’s Three Biggest Waterfalls.” It is in the outlet of Chuzenjiko and the water falling swiftly from a 97-meter-high cliff is just impressive.

Kinugawa Onsen (Kinugawa Hot Spring) is a very traditional hot spring, which was originally open for monks and daimyo (Japanese feudal lords) only, who came to visit Nikko. Since this hot spring resort is located on a valley, you can not only enjoy the picturesque scenery, but also take a leisurely boat trip downstream.




Hanging around Tochigi

Nikko Edomura (Edo Wonderland) is a theme park offering an immersion into the Edo era. Let’s savor the experience of becoming a person from Edo by wearing a Kimono.

Tobu World Square is an architectural museum with reproductions of world-famous buildings and World Heritage Sites on the 1/25 scale. Since you can find popular tourist attractions from all over the world in a smaller scale, all in one place, there is no doubt that you can take Instagrammable pictures here.

Shower walking is about water play in Nasu, such as walking and swimming in the mountain streams to feel the nature through your body.

There are plenty of activities to do in Tochigi, where you can experience the vast nature such as paragliding in Nasu Kogen or kayaking at Itamuro Dam Lake.




Cuisine and Souvenirs from Tochigi

Sano Ramen


Utsunomiya Gyoza (dumplings) are a classic in Tochigi. It is known for being rich in vegetables such as cabbage, and because of its refreshing taste, I bet you can’t eat just one.

Sano Ramen are Tochigi’s local ramen noodles. Its taste is plain and simple, and the chewy texture of the curly flat noodles are distinctive. These noodles are made in the traditional Aotakeuchi method, which consists of beating the noodles with a green bamboo stem.

Tochigi, famous for Tochiotome strawberries, is a mecca for strawberry gelatos. You can relish rich gelatos with fresh strawberries in various shops.

A highly recommended souvenir from Tochigi is the Goyotei Cheese Cake. These fine cheese cakes made in Nasu are popular for its springy texture and its rich and moist taste.

The Nikko Yuba (boiled soybean milk skin) is made in a different way than the Yuba in Kyoto, and so, its taste differs as well. You can find Nama (raw, unprocessed) Yuba for Sashimi (dipped raw in soy sauce), Reito (frozen) Yuba, and much more. It may be a good idea to try them all and find the one you like best.

The Omugi Dacquoise are famous delicacies too. Its airy texture perfectly matches its mild sweet cream, creating an irresistible harmony.