The city of Hiroshima is the capital city of Hiroshima Prefecture. The city is internationally known as the first city where a nuclear weapon was used, the atom bomb. There are many historical places where the affect of the atomic bomb can be seen that will have you contemplate world peace such as The Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Genbaku Dome), The peace memorial park (Heiwa-Kinen Koen), Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (Heiwa Kinen Shiryokan) and more. However there are more spots to check out in Hiroshima besides those related to WWII; destinations such as Hiroshima Castle and restaurants serving the lord always cuisine are not to be missed.




Accessing Hiroshima from Tokyo

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 1h 20min from Haneda Airport to Hiroshima Airport

Arriving by bus:
Approximately 12h from Tokyo station to Hiroshima Station.

Arriving by train:
Approximately 4h from Tokyo to Hiroshima Station by bullet train.




Hiroshima’s top things you must check out Top sightseeing spot

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (Heiwa Kinen Shiryokan)

You can’t miss Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum when visiting Hiroshima city. The museum has kept shown to the world how the atomic bomb changed and destroyed the city and there are still many people suffer from illness caused by the atomic-bomb radiation. You will learn how important world peace is, and the preciousness of life. Please visit The peace memorial park too.




Hiroshima’s top things you must check out Top local cuisine


Hiroshima’s style of Okonomiyaki is different from Osaka style. Hiroshimans prefer a more thin stle of dough, looking a little like the beginnings of a crepe. Next they add chopped cabbage, noodles, meat and more ingredients on top of it. Unlike in Osaka, the staff usually cooks at your table at Hiroshima’s okonomiyaki restaurants. Hiroshima’s style of Okonomiyaki can be found all over Japan but is best enjoyed in it’s home city according to both locals and tourists.




Hiroshima’s top things you must check out Top Hiroshima souvenirs

Momiji Manju

You can find many good souvenirs in Hiroshima but Momiji Manju is the most popular. The standard Momiji Manju is a maple leaf shaped cake filled with red bean paste but there are over 15 different flavors such as cream-filled and chocolate coated ones. It’s sold individually so you can find your favorite flavor!




Hiroshima’s dialect

The dialects of Hiroshima Prefecture are classified into Aki dialect and Bingo dialect. Generally the dialect in Hiroshima Prefecture is called “Hiroshima-ben” that usually refers to the Aki dialect which is spoken in the city of Hiroshima.


inagena … strange, weird

nanshourun … what are you doing?

miyasui … easily

megu … break something


Why don’t you visit the world famous city of Hiroshima where world peace is always on our minds?


“Hiroshima Kanko Navi”
Hiroshima Prefecture official tourism information site.