Miyazaki is known for having long daylight hours, as well as for having nice warm weather throughout the year.

This video shows the charsm of Miyazaki through the perspective of a family moving there. It also introduces some popular sightseeing spots and souvenirs.





Sightseeing spots in Miyazaki



Takachihokyo is a location that took place in Japanese mythology and is a popular sightseeing spot. It is a cliff created by erosion of Aso Lava . You can also take a sightseeing boat to see a magical view of Mamei Waterfall, selected as one of the Top 100 waterfalls in Japan.

Aoshima is an exotic island filled with subtropical vegetation. Aoshima shrine, painted in Urushi color, is not just beautiful, but has mythological dwelling in its history. The sight Hajo Rock is known as the “Ogre’s Washing Rock.” You shouldn’t miss all the sights around this island when you visit here.

We also recommend you go to the theme park “Sunmesse Nichinan,” located along the Nichinan coast. The view of the Moai statues; officially authorized by Easter Island, with the ocean in the background, is very stunning.

Udo shrine is rare because its main shrine in a cave. People say that if you can throw a rock, called a “Undama” (luck ball), into the middle of the “Reiishi” (Spirit rock) under the cliff, your wish will come true. Why don’t you try your luck here?




Play Spots in Miyazaki



At the beautiful beaches in Miyazaki, you can enjoy various marine sports, such as wind surfing, sea kayaking, and snorkeling.

At Inohakeikoku, you can experience Forest Therapy. It’s not only relaxing, but will help lower your blood pressure and strengthen your immune system. Let go of your stress and observe the negative-ion therapy from the trees.

Also, enjoy the stage of Yorukagura with dances by mythological gods. It is actually a religious service that is held overnight, but at Takachiho Kagura, you can enjoy one of the parts shortened to only an hour.




Food & Souvenirs of Miyazaki

“Chicken Nanban” or deepfried chicken with tartar on top and sweet & sour dipping sauce, is well known throughout Japan, but originally from Miyazaki. You cannot miss eating this when you visit here.

Lobster from Miyazaki is very popular for being big and tender. There are many kinds of toppings you can choose to put on top such as soy sauce, cheese and/or Mentaiko (seasoned cod roe), etc.

The most famous souvenir, Cheese Manju (steamed bun), is sold at 250 shops in Miyazaki prefecture. The crust and the cheese inside differs depending on which shop you buy them from.

Okashi no Hidaka sells the very popular “Nanjara Daifuku” which has strawberries/chest nuts/cream cheese inside the Daifuku (soft rice cake), and is about the size of your fist.
“Goboci” is a burdock chips made of 100% domestic burdock. It is very simple to make; deep fry the burdock without adding anything, then add soy sauce for seasoning. Once you have tried them the first time, you won’t stop eating them!


Please come experience the exotic, tropical atmosphere of Miyazaki!