Kagawa is known as the smallest prefecture in Japan according to land mass. It’s located by Setonai ocean, with not much rain and warm weather throughout the year.

In the animated video, we introduce Kagawa as “Mite-yoshi, Tabete-yoshi”, meaning that it’s “a good place to sightsee and eat”! Let us introduce you to some sightseeing spots in this charming prefecture, Kagawa.





Sightseeing Spots in Kagawa



When you visit Kagawa, you must visit Kotohiragu, known as “Konpirasan”. The main shrine which has 785-stairs, is the most popular spot. You can enjoy some great street food along the road approaching the shrine as well.

Zenigatasunae is a large sand painting of Japanese traditional coins and Kaneitsuihou from the Edo era, can be viewed from the view point at Kotohiki Park. It is a popular power spot know for “if you see the picture, you will have no worries about money the rest of your whole”.

Naoshima is known as an “Art Island,” where you can enjoy modern art. We especially recommend the Chichu Art Museum. Since this museum allows a lot of natural light to come inside, the displays, and the museum itself, change their appearance as the light changes, so you can enjoy the art of the entire building.

Kurihashi Park is a large Japanese garden with much history. It is given a three-star rating by Michelin Tour Guide for being a “place that is worth the travel to visit”. You can also enjoy Japanese pine trees and flowers which have been cared for since the Edo period.




Play spots in Kagawa


At Nakano Udon School, you can experience making original Udon, Sanuki Udon, with fun Udon teachers. It’s a special experience in which you make it by stepping on the dough in rhythm with some music!

At Setonai Beach you can enjoy various marine sports, such as diving, wake-boarding, as well as sea kayaking as you watch the sunset. It’s a great way to spend your day.




Food and souvenirs

Kamatama Udon


When you go to Kagawa, you really shouldn’t miss out on trying Udon. There are several popular places you can enjoy Udon in Kagawa.

At Yamagoshi Udon, you can enjoy the origin of Kamatama Udon, in which you dip freshly boiled noodles into a raw egg and then put them into soy-sauce or noodle soup base.

At Udon Honjin Yamadaya, you can have Zaru-Bukkake Udon, in which you apply some spices of your own choice and Tenkasu on the noodle, fairly strong soup base and add a citrus called Sudachi.
Nagata in Kanoka specializes in Kama-age Udon (noodles eaten without the usual cooling process.)

“Yomeiri-oiri-soft-cream” is a soft-serve ice cream topped with colorful candy called “Oiri.” Since there is a tradition in Japan that when brides are getting married, they handout Oiri. Therefore, people say that eating this ice cream makes them happy.

A souvenirs we recommend is Olive Ramen (noodels) made with olives from Shodo Island. They are handmade and have a very nice texture. There are three different kinds of soup; salt, tomatoes and seafood.

Sanuki Wasanbon from Baiko-Dou is a Higashi (Japanese dry sweets) made from one of their local specialties, refined sugar called Wasanbon-Tou. They are very colorful and so beautifully made that they almost make you regret eating them. The taste is very subtle and not too sweet. People love them for both the design and the taste.


There are so many things for you to enjoy in this small prefecture, Kagawa. It’s a place you can have a great time as a couple, with your family, or even by yourself!