Chiba Prefecture has large shopping malls and famous department stores, but it also has a townscape with history, and spots that can be enjoyed by children. As can be seen in the video, Chiba Prefecture is a treasure trove of delicious gourmet, with plenty of seafood from its neighboring sea.





If you are looking to have fun in Chiba Prefecture

Andersen Park


If you are looking for a place to enjoy with your children, we recommend the Northern Europe style Andersen Park located in Funabashi area. It is a huge area, around six times larger than Tokyo Dome, where you can exercise or enjoy a boat ride, among other things. There is also a restaurant inside the park, where you can barbecue, without having to bring your own food or equipment, so it is a perfect place to spend a day with your family. In addition, there are many things for children to enjoy, such as a petting zoo, and an art museum for children.

A popular place to have a date is Kamogawa Sea World. There are dolphin and sea lion performances, a place where you can pet the animals, and a restaurant where you can watch killer whales swim around elegantly behind glass while you are enjoying your meal. There is an official hotel right next to the aquarium, with an ocean view from each room, so why not spend a fun day at Kamogawa Sea World?




Exploring history in Chiba Prefecture

Tateyama Castle


Inohana Castle, where Tsunetane Chiba used to live, is the birthplace of Chiba City. Nowadays it is familiar to the local residents and tourists as Inohana Park. A Cherry Blossom Festival is held during the season when around 100 cherry blossom trees are blooming. At nighttime the trees are illuminated, and the view is beautiful.

Tateyama Castle, which is known as the setting of the historical martial arts fantasy novel “Legend of the Eight Samurai”, is located in Tateyama City in Chiba Prefecture. There is an exhibition dedicated to the novel inside the castle tower, so it is a perfect place for those who want to learn history. The castle can be accessed in around 5 minutes by foot, if you change to a bus at Tateyama Station.

Senyoji Temple was founded in year 709, and it is a very familiar temple to the local residents. The 30-meter-tall and 8-meter-thick ginkgo tree is a famous tree, and in autumn it looks beautiful as its vibrant yellow leaves fall onto the ground, forming a sea of yellow autumn leaves.




Comfort food of people living in Chiba Prefecture



Since Chiba Prefecture has sea and rivers, you can enjoy freshly caught seafood. However, here we would like to introduce a local cuisine loved by the residents, known as Katsuura Tantanmen. It is a dandan noodle dish that won the delicious local delicacy B1 Grand Prix food championship contest. Contrary to a typical dandan noodle dish, Katsuura Tantanmen doesn’t use sesame, but instead it is made of a soy sauce based soup, with chili oil, chili peppers, and ground pork meat. It became a beloved dish in Katsuura, since its stinging spiciness warms up the cold body from catching fish in the sea.

Another popular snack is White Gyoza (a dumpling filled with meat and vegetables), which can be found in Noda City in Chiba Prefecture. Over 20,000 White Gyoza are sold every day. It is made by frying the thick Gyoza wrapper until it turns golden brown. What makes it delicious is the crispy surface, and the soft ingredients inside. It can be eaten in restaurants from 5 pm.

Some souvenirs to take home include Nure Senbei, which are rice crackers with a moist texture, and peanuts, which are a famous product of Chiba.