Shizuoka Prefecture is located in the center of Japan. Many people think of Mt. Fuji, the mountain that represents Japan, when they hear Shizuoka.

Additionally, Shizuoka has a mild climate, which makes it a popular place among tourists all year round.

It has great access to places like Tokyo and Nagoya Station, both of which can be reached in an hour by Shinkansen bullet train, which means you can easily go to hang out in the big cities.

Shizuoka was introduced quickly in the video, but since there are so many good things about Shizuoka, we would like to introduce them here in more detail.





Enjoying castles in Shizuoka

Hamamatsu Castle


Shizuoka has plenty of castles where you can explore history.

While you are sightseeing Lake Hamana, you can also go around Hamamatsu Castle, which is famous for being the castle where Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu lived in for 17 years.

Inside the castle tower, there is an exhibition where you can learn about Ieyasu’s upbringing, and there is also a great view of Hamamatsu City from the viewing platform.

Located close to the castle is Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments, which has over 1300 instruments from all around the world on display, and right next to the museum is a restaurant called Mein Schloss, which is very popular among people who like beer.

As for castles easy to access, it only takes 10 minutes by foot to get to Shizuoka Castle (also known as Sunpu Castle or Fuchu Castle) from Shizuoka Station.

It is known as the retirement place of Ieyasu, but nowadays it is maintained as a nice park, and it is a perfect place for picnics.

Atami Castle is perfect for sightseeing! The castle has very little history, as it was built as a tourist destination during the Showa Period.

There are massage chairs and footbaths inside the castle, as well as an arcade, which can be enjoyed by kids, too. You can dress up in Edo Period costumes and take photographs at the Edo experience section. There is an observation deck on top of the castle tower, where you have a great view of Atami City and the sea.

Atami Castle is a place where the whole family can have a great time.




If you are seeking for leisure in Shizuoka

At Fuji Bungy in Fuji City you can do a bungee jump from 54 meters! Get absorbed into the Sudo valley, which is surrounded by greenery. People who are over 15 years old, and weigh 40 kg – 120 kg can enjoy the thrilling bungee jump experience.

As for leisure for kids 3 years old and up, we recommend horse riding. Your kids are safe as the horses can be ridden together with a guide.

You can view the grand Mt. Fuji, while riding on the back of the horse.




You should definitely try these local delicacies

Shizuoka oden


There are plenty of delicious foods in Shizuoka, but we would like to introduce some of the more special local delicacies.

Shizuoka oden has a pitch-black broth, which is something you don’t really see in other prefectures. All the ingredients of the oden are skewered on a stick, and eaten with green dried seaweed and dashi stock powder sprinkled on top.

Fuji City has a local dish called Fuji Tsuke Napolitan! It is a pasta dish that you dip in a Napolitan soup (tomato-based soup).

If it is Yakisoba (fried noodels) that you are after, Fujinomiya soba is a famous dish from Fujinomiya City. Pork fat and shaved dried sardine are fried at high heat together with chewy noodles. Each restaurant uses different ingredients, so you should try and compare how they taste.

Unagi pie (eel pie) is a must-buy souvenir. There are plenty of unagi pies in one box, and each of them is packaged separately, which makes them popular also among foreign tourists.



Shizuoka is often associated with Mt. Fuji, but as we introduced in this article, there are plenty of other enjoyable things besides Mt. Fuji.

Why not visit Shizuoka, where the climate is also good?