Tottori is a prefecture with plenty of nature to enjoy. The clear blue Sea of Japan stretches out to the north, there are lush green mountains in the south, and the Tottori Sand Dunes are located in the east.

In the video, people living in Tottori Prefecture talk about the special charm of living in a prefecture surrounded by nature. In addition, we will introduce the tourist spots and famous products in Tottori Prefecture.





Tourist spots in Tottori Prefecture

Hakuto Shrine


Hakuto Shrine is known for being the setting of ”The Hare of Inaba”, which is a Japanese myth written in Kojiki, Japan’s oldest extant historical chronicle. Being associated with the oldest love story in Japan, Hakuto Shrine has gained a reputation as a shrine of matchmaking and love.

Hakuto Beach, which is close to the shrine, has gained popularity as a place to visit with your loved one, ever since it was designated as “a holy ground for lovers”. You can enjoy sea bathing in the beautiful clear blue sea.

The Nageire Hall in Sanbutsu-ji Temple is built in a cavity of a steep vertical cliff, and it is said to be the hardest shrine to visit in Japan. You have to climb a very steep mountain road, but that just leaves you with an even stronger impression once you reach the top.

Misasa Onsen contains more radon, which is weakly radioactive element, than any other hot spring in the world. The hot spring water activates your metabolism, and enhances your immunity. It is also fun to walk through the charming hot spring district, which is surrounded by nature.




Go to “Tottori Sand Dunes” if you want to have fun in Tottori

Tottori Sand Dunes


The Tottori Sand Dunes have been designated as a national natural treasure, and depending on the season and weather, you can see the sand dunes form various kinds of different shapes.

You can take a stroll, or enjoy activities that are unique to sand dunes. Some activities that can only be experienced in huge sand dunes include paragliding, riding a camel, sliding down the sand slopes on a sandboard, and sand dune yoga.

In addition, there is the Sand Museum, which is the first museum in the world to only display sand sculptures. Since all the works of art are made of sand, it is an incredible form of art that is both beautiful and impermanent, in the sense that it cannot be reserved forever.




Delicacies and souvenirs in Tottori

Sakaimina City catches the most red snow crabs in Japan, and Sakaiminato Shin-kani Meshi is a popular local delicacy, which is made of steamed snow crab and vinegared rice. Once you tear open the wrapping paper, you should mix the two before eating. The fragrance and savory taste of the crab are what makes it so good.

As for Tottori-like souvenirs, we recommend Suna no Oka made by Hougetsudou. The powdered Japanese sugar is made to look like the sand of the Tottori Sand Dunes, and inside the sugar there is a crumbly textured cookie.

Hare of Inaba is also a popular Tottori souvenir. It is a Yaki Manju (fried steamed yeast bun with filling) that has the shape of a lovely rabbit, and it is no doubt going to make anyone delighted.