Just around two hours from central Tokyo at the headwaters of the Tama River, lies the village of Kosuge, which has abundant nature to help soothe your mind.

We will meet a married couple who moved to Kosuge and are raising three children. The husband, who was searching for work which would allow him to contribute to the area, got a job as a station master at the local highway rest station.

We’d like to introduce this aspect of Kosuge Village, which focuses its efforts on the headwaters to develop the village.





Kosuge Village is rich in nature

When you arrive at the village, please take a moment to breathe in the pure air. To fully enjoy the natural scenery, we recommend going to the waterfalls. There are two waterfalls located upstream along the Kosuge River; Shiraito Falls and Odaki Falls.

Shiraito Falls has a series of thin streams of water that lend credence to its name in Japanese, meaning “white strings.” During the winter, you may be able to see the waterfall frozen solid like a sculpture!

Odaki Falls, which is located further upstream, has a big rock that cuts the creek into two flows of water. There is also a maintained trail going through the forest, which makes it a great place to take a walk.

This stream flows through the mountains, where beginners and people traveling with their families can enjoy fishing. You should try roasting the fish that you catch over an open flame to enjoy it just as the locals do.




Highway Rest Station Kosuge

There is a hot spring and an outdoor park near the highway rest station, which itself is a place to eat and buy souvenirs.

Inside, you’ll find “Genryu Restaurant”, which offers up dishes with plenty of ingredients from the nearby mountains and rivers. We recommend the pizza that is cooked in a stone fired oven♪

“Bussankan” sells a large variety of local special products, such as konjac jelly of various colors, and Cha-chan Manju, which is a steamed yeast bun with various unique fillings. Kosuge Village was the first in Japan to develop “yamame anchovy”! Yamame is a type of landlocked salmon.The rest station is also a great place to buy your souvenirs related to Kosuge Village.

At the local adventure park “Forest Adventure Kosuge”, there is a zip-line, which is the only one of its kind that is located in satoyama (small wooded foothills) in Japan. While you zip down the thrilling 130-meter zip-line, you have a good view of the village and mountains.

Once you feel tired, you can soothe your fatigue at Kosugenoyu, which is a hot spring known for its high alkaline waters.




You feel like a person from ancient times at the bungalow camp

In the“Primitive Village Campground”, you can stay at a pit-dwelling or a cave-dwelling bungalow, both of which look like houses from Japan’s distant past.

Staying overnight in one of the bungalows will make you feel like a person from ancient times, leaving an everlasting impression on you. The bungalows are properly equipped with flush toilets and hot water showers.

You can rent camping gear, and buy rainbow trout and yamame salmon, so it is a perfect place also for those who want to camp comfortably.

There is a nearby soba noodle restaurant called “Sobadokoro,” where you can try soba noodles that use local special buckwheat flour.


Let’s enjoy nature in Kosuge Village, offering plenty of fun places to explore.