Gunma prefecture has nice weather year round and is famous for its Kusatsu Onsen hot springs. It is a 1-hour journey from central Tokyo.

In this movie, many goods characters of Gumma appeared with “Everyone’s Gunma”!





When you come to Gunma …

Tomioka Silk Mill

Speaking of Gumma, Kusatsu Onsen hot spring is one famous spot, but there are more than 90 hot spring spots where you can stay. So, you can stop by Onsen hot springs when visiting other sightseeing spots, and experience various hot spring qualities.

Tomioka Silk Mill and related sites of UNESCO World Heritage are also located in Gunma.
Built in 1872, the silk mill connected the World with Japan, and the facility back in time is preserved almost as it was.

There is also Gumma Safari Park nearby, where you can watch cute animals after exploring history.




Local gourmet in Gunmaメ


The local cuisine of Gunma is “Okkirikomi.” It is a noodle dish cooked with flat noodles and seasonal vegetables until they are thickened. Because each restaurant has its original recipe using soy sauce flavor or miso paste flavor, please try looking for your favorite “Okkirikomi”.

Sukiyaki is a superb dish using Konjac (Devil’s tongue) that Gunma is the top producing prefecture of in Japan, Shimonita’s onion, raw Shiitake mushrooms, and more over Joshu Wagyu beef. When visiting Gunma you cannot miss Sukiyaki produced by using all Gunma grown ingredients!

Baked manju cake familiar to the local people is a rare dish for citizens of other prefectures. The dish requires applying miso paste and baking a steamed manju cake skewed by a bamboo stick. There are also grilled manjus with sweet bean paste, the balance of bitter sweet flavor and bean paste is exquisite.

The miracle “Motsuni” beef tripe popular among locals, can be found in the WINDING ROAD of Kiryu city. It is so superb that their beef tripe is said to taste like foie gras, and limited quantity set meals sell out so fast.




A gift from Gumma must be this!

The local gourmets introduced above are perfect for gifts, yet if you have a hard time deciding your souvenir sweets, you should go for the products selected by “Gunma’s souvenir general election.”

The first place is Gateau Festa Harada’s “Gateau Rusk”. The scent of butter and crisp texture creates an exquisite sweetness! It is very popular regardless of age and genders.

“Seven Deities of Good Luck rice crackers” was chosen as second place. It consists of seven different flavored rice crackers, matching Seven Deities of Good Luck packages, born from the 100 years old inheritance of “Saiwai Senbei” rice crackers company. The products come in cans or boxes, so it is convenient to take back as for souvenirs.

The third place is “Motojuku Donuts” manufactured by Kogetsudo in Shimonita Town. The classic standard is a donut with thin skin stuffed with plenty of white beans, but there is also a red beans version.


Only one hour from central Tokyo, why don’t you heal your fatigue with Gunma’s hot springs and delights?