Nagano Prefecture, which is the fourth largest prefecture in Japan, is one of the eight prefectures that are not located next to the sea. It is a famous place for winter sports. In fact, the 1998 Olympic Winter Games were held in Nagano Prefecture. We would like to introduce the great things about Nagano Prefecture here.





Speaking of Nagano, there is snow and winter sports!

Fujimi Panorama Resort


There are ski resorts at various places within Nagano prefecture. Everyone from beginners and people with children, to the more experienced can enjoy winter sports in Nagano. The Fujimi Panorama Resort can be accessed easily from the surrounding cities and Greater Tokyo. It takes around 10 minutes to reach the resort from Fujimi Station by a free shuttle bus or taxi, and around 2 hours from the [E20] Chuo Expressway’s Hachioji Interchange by car. The place also has “Kids Park”, which is a place for children to play, so both children and adults can have a great time at the resort.

The Kijimadaira Ski Resort has high-level courses for advanced skiers! There is a pioneer course, with a maximum slope angle of 45 degrees.

For those who want to climb mountains, we recommend Mt. Kitayokodake. There is a ropeway, which allows you to reach the summit in around 90 minutes. The view from the summit is beautiful, and you can see the Northern Alps, including Mt. Fuji.




What are some famous tourist spots in Nagano Prefecture?

Matsumoto Castle


There are plenty of tourist spots in Nagano where you can experience history.

Matsumoto Castle, a national treasure, is home to the oldest five-storied castle tower out of all the castle towers that still exist in Japan. Only here and Himeji Castle in Hyogo Prefecture are the only places in modern Japan where you can see one! Come see the stark black-and-white image of Matsumoto Castle, which stands magnificently with the Northern Alps in the background.

Zenkoji Temple in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture is said to be the oldest temple in Japan.

Since 2008, people can enter the Sanmon Gate, which is an important cultural property of Japan. Inside the gate there is also graffiti all the way from Edo period.




The delicious dishes of Nagano

Kurobe Dam curry


Nagano is famous for its apples, but besides that Nagano also produces the second most amounts of grapes and European pears in the whole country.

There are plantations where you can enjoy fruit picking when it’s not winter. You should look for these farms near tourist spots or near the place you are staying.

Romen and sauce katsudon are some of the delicious local delicacies in Nagano.

Romen is a yakisoba-style noodle dish, and is made of thick noodles topped with stir-fried mutton meat and vegetables. There are two varieties, one with soup and one without.

Sauce katsudon is a favorite dish among people living in Nagano! It is a rice dish, with plenty of cabbage, deep-fried pork cutlet, and sauce on top.

For those who love curry, we recommend Kurobe Dam curry. The rice is piled into a shape of a dam, with a topping that looks like a sightseeing boat on top of the curry sauce. Each restaurant has its own special Kurobe Dam curry, so after checking out the Kurobe Dam, you should try and compare how they taste.


After seeing the people of Nagano smiling in the video, you can get a feel of their good nature.
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