In Hiroshima Prefecture, both sea and mountains can be reached in an hour’s drive from the urban areas.
This is a place where, after working all day in the city, you can return home to tend a garden behind your home, and on a day off you can enjoy marine sports.

The people appearing in the video have moved to Hiroshima and are loving their new lifestyle for these reasons. We want to introduce you to many great things about Hiroshima, to see what kind of life people are leading.





Ocean, Mountains, and Urban Life are all here in Hiroshima!

Many different kinds of people, such as those who have lived in major metropolises like Tokyo, or the countryside, those who come from abroad, have made the move to Hiroshima. One reason is because Hiroshima has everything they need.

Since it takes only one hour by car to get to the seaside or the mountainous areas from the big city, you can easily do activities like wind surfing and mountain climbing. The kind of beautiful scenery that is shown in the video is an everyday sight in Hiroshima, which is also makes it perfect for recovering from any fatigue.

The sight of the big Torii gate at Itsukushima Shrine, a World Culture Heritage site, is so magnificent and beautiful that it was chosen as one of the Three Views of Japan.




Hiroshima Toyo Carp Baseball team is very popular among women

The pro baseball team Hiroshima Toyo Carp has recently gained a lot of popularity among women, to the extent that some are willing to move to Hiroshima in order to enjoy their favorite baseball team! The reasons why women in particular are fascinated by the Carp has nothing to do with them being a strong team however.

Out of the 12 baseball teams in Japan, The Carp are the only team whose colors include a vivid shade of crimson, and it turns out the ladies believe the Carps’ red goods look cute on them.

Also the young baseball players are all very handsome. The team is so popular that the number of foreign tourists has been increasing recently. Hiroshima Carp goods make also a great souvenir from Hiroshima.




Learn about war and peace

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial, which has been registered as a World Cultural Heritage site, is the building on which the first atomic bomb in human history was dropped. Although the building cannot be entered, it still to this day allows you to see the tragedy that was caused by the nuclear weapon.
We recommend observing the building from outside, or taking a river cruise on Motoyasu River, which runs right next to the building.

Those who want to see photos from the time of the bombing, should visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. It takes only about 6 minutes by foot to reach the museum from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial.




Delicious food

If you want to eat delicious food in Hiroshima, we recommend the fresh seafood from Seto Inland Sea and Hiroshima Okonomiyaki.

Hiroshima okonomiyaki is totally different from normal Okonomiyaki! Plenty of cabbage, pork, bean sprouts, egg, and noodles are mixed together, with a thin sheet of dough on top. Different restaurants have different specialties, so you should try and compare how they taste.

The famous Hiroshima oysters and fish from Seto Inland Sea are of course delicious, but there are also many western-style restaurants that offer dishes with mountain food products and local vegetables.



Hiroshima Prefecture is filled with fun activities: you can learn about peace, enjoy marine sports, and cheer for the Hiroshima Toyo Carps!

Visit Hiroshima! It is highly recommended♪