This is a migration promotion video that recommends Nagasaki Prefecture.

“re + relax + life ” = RELIFE

What is the charm of Nagasaki Prefecture that we recommend to “ People who want to spend their lives that they really desire, giving opportunities for life-sized self, and relaxation in their hearts” ?




A town where you can feel the connection with nature

Nagasaki Prefecture has 971 islands (Tosho) such as Tsushima island, Iki island, Goto Stream Islands, and 20 cities/towns out of 21 face the ocean. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the prefecture of the sea.

Nagasaki Prefecture has an environment where you can feel the connection with nature.

There are many places to visit such as Shirakimine Kogen Plateau where you can enjoy Rape blossoms in the spring time and Cosmoss in autumn, Kujyuku island outside the Sasebo port, Hamagurihama Beach chosen as one of the hundred new tourism destinations.




Good climate and environment for living

The average temperature is 2.2 degrees higher than the national average making it comfortable to live throughout the year.

Furthermore, from the viewpoint of comfortable life, it is a quite safe place to live as the number of crimes per 100,000 population is ranking 4th from the lesser in the whole country.

When deciding for a “place to live,” this is a very comforting factor.

Nagasaki prefecture is also known for its abundant medical staff as the number of doctors per 100,000 population is ranked 8th, while nurses and quasi-nurses is ranked 4th nationwide.




There are smiles of people who have “RELIFE-ed (relaunched)” their lives

We hear from migrant residents who have RELIFE-ed (relaunched)” their lives in Nagasaki Prefecture.
Mr. Okada who runs his cafe “Monne Rugi Mook” in Hasami Town in the 9th year of migration says that “This is the town where priceless friendship and communities exist”.

“It makes me happy when we all eat together,” he felt for the first time when he migrated to this town.
Mr. Takemori, who has migrated to Nagasaki and works as a city office officer says, “People are kind, and perhaps warm, many people here have honest personalities and teach me various things.

I like this town that enabled me to meet such people.” He talks of the warmth of the town of Goto.


When listening to the stories of lives of the people who actually migrated in Nagasaki, the saying “Good old Japan” comes to mind. Nagasaki Prefecture is “a city where you can live a rich life for yourself”.