“Would you like to become a Yamaguchi citizen?”

The video of Yamaguchi Prefecture promoting migration is wonderful. For those who were born and raised in Yamaguchi Prefecture, it is one to boast of their hometown. Yamaguchi Prefecture’s migration promotion video grabbing the hearts of the people who has watched it make us remember something important that we tend to forget.





Grown-ups in Yamaguchi Prefecture are enthusiastic anyways

Grown-ups in Yamaguchi Prefecture appearing in the video. Everyone is “adorable” people.

An uncle who plays a role of a demon at Setsubun Festival cannot be a demon himself and ends up with hugging a child who cries.

A male who plays Santa Claus at a kindergarten event exposed to be the father of a child.

Literally, enthusiastic young people at work. A lot of grown-ups with good personality appear in the video.




Over 800 years, smiles on everyone

Everyone appearing in the video has a wonderful smile. It ‘s a smiling face of a person who smiles on a daily basis.

People in Yamaguchi Prefecture have cherished smiling for over 800 years. It is a prefectural character. Viewing people smile makes you happy. I would like to live in such a town. There is a smile that makes us think so.

And, Yamaguchi Prefecture takes great emphasis on tradition, residents live their lives cherishing the locally inherited culture. One of them is called “Jizo Kon”. It is a custom to bring Jizo statue into where a bride and a groom and celebrate. It is a wish for a bride to settle down like a Jizo statue at their house after the marriage.

The streets of Yamaguchi Prefecture introduced in the video makes you feel nostalgic.




Children’s spirits strengthen grown-ups

Children grow up very obediently by watching grown-ups with good smiles. “Children in Yamaguchi Prefecture have a good manner of greetings and easy going.” The idea of “children of the town are children of everyone” is overflowing in town even though it has become less now.

Children growing up straight becomes a source of energy and strength for grown-ups.
In Yamaguchi Prefecture, everyone lives closely.


“The goodness of the town seems obvious when you look at the people in the town.”


This is the line said at the beginning of the video. It leaves you a feeling of smile in your heart. I believe that there are plenty of hints of what we need to live a happy life that happens only once, in everyday life, people to interact.