“Let’s live in the happiest prefecture in Japan.”

What comes to your mind when you hear Fukui Prefecture? Sea and mountains, plenty of nature… Actually, Fukui Prefecture has many things that it can be proud of compared to other prefectures. Together with the video, we would like to introduce the reason why Fukui Prefecture was selected as the happiest prefecture among the 47 prefectures in Japan.

The video features a young woman, who has a good job in the big city, but is still worried about the future. She visits her hometown in Fukui Prefecture, where she was born and raised, to meet her friend who already have become mothers.





A great place to raise children

There are many cute babies in the newborn nursery. In fact, the birthrate in Fukui Prefecture is higher than the national average.

In addition, the employment rate of women is 53 percent, which is the highest in the whole country.
When women start working again after giving birth, they usually find it difficult to find a nursery school for their children. However, since 2001, the number of children on the nursery school waiting lists in Fukui Prefecture has been zero.

This day and age, dual income families have become usual and women continue to have more working opportunities. It is because of this that Fukui Prefecture is putting in the effort to support families in raising their children.




The future prospects are great

The future lies in the hands of our children. Fukui Prefecture is also putting a lot of effort into children’s education. The academic and physical abilities of elementary and middle school students in Fukui Prefecture both rank high in the whole country!

It is ideal that your children can achieve top-class academic abilities in a normal public school.
Moreover, you don’t have to worry when they become adults, since the number of job positions to the number of job applicants, and the ratio of full-time workers are the highest in the whole country.
It is a prefecture, where there are firm foundations for anyone to live a carefree life.

Incidentally, the number of hospitals is also the highest in the whole country, so you will be safe even in the case of emergency.




The food is delicious

he video well portrays the livable life in Fukui prefecture, and there are also many local delicacies.
Being next to the sea, there is plenty of delicious fresh seafood to enjoy, such as Echizen crab and Echizen righteye flounder. As for cheap but delicious food, we recommend sauce Katsudon, which is a pork cutlet rice bowl with plenty of sauce on top.

In winter, it is typical to eat Mizu Yokan (soft sweet bean jelly), which is much softer and juicier compared to Mizu Yokan in other prefectures.

There are many delicious local delicacies in Fukui Prefecture.




Celebrities who love Fukui Prefecture

Lovely Ms. Yuki Shikanuma, who appears in the video, is from Fukui City of Fukui Prefecture, and has been working very actively on television and as a model. She was born and raised in Fukui Prefecture, and lived there until she graduated from high school.

Nanairo, who sings the video’s background song ”Ai no Katachi” (“The shape of love”), is a female duo formed by two girls who met in Fukui Prefectural University.

The group is touring in Fukui Cable Television shows, nursery schools, and kindergartens, bringing smiles to people living in Fukui Prefecture.


When you look at the smiles of the people who appeared in the video, you can feel how living an ordinary life with ordinary things can bring you happiness in Fukui Prefecture.


translated by Samu Pekka Ojanen