Kasai City is located in the southern part of Hyogo Prefecture. There is plenty of nature and shopping malls. Please take a look at this video where Kasai City is resembled to a planet♪ In the video, three people who settled in “Planet Kasai” introduce the charm of Kasai City.





Kasai is a comfortable place to live in, although it is a rural town Housewife who moved to Hyogo Prefecture

Living in a big city was always this housewife’s dream, so she moved from Tottori to Osaka, but after getting married and giving birth to a child, she eventually arrived at Kasai.

Kasai City is a carefree environment to raise a child. Since you can exchange information with other mothers at the local parenting circle, you will never be alone raising your child. The flower center, that is located within the city, has many beautiful flowers blooming throughout the year, so it is a perfect place to take a walk with your child. There are also large shopping malls, so you don’t have to go to the big city to buy all the necessities.

“I love the kind of environment, where children can grow up carefree,” she says with a smile in her face.




Kasai is a futuristic rural town: Trader who moved back to his hometown

A day trader moved away from Kasai City to work in a big city, but later returned to Kasai City. “It is no longer the kind of old fashioned rural town, that people generally think of when they hear the word countryside,” he says, as he opens his laptop to do some work in a lush green environment. Optical fibers have been installed all around Kasai City, making it a great environment for people who work from home, as well.

Another reasons why he calls Kasai City a futuristic rural town is because it has the next generation greenhouse model housings. By having complete control over the growth environment, it becomes possible to achieve high quality crops, and harvest them in high quantities.

We have been working hard trying to build a futuristic town, by building a big solar system, which is the largest scale solar system in the world. By adopting the latest technology, while also reserving the countryside landscape, a futuristic rural town like Kasai City was realized.




Kasai City has good access to the big cities: A man who commutes from Kasai City.

A man, who dreamed of a slow life in the countryside, but couldn’t abandon the convenient life in the big city, moved from Tokyo to Kasai City. “Even young immigrants, who are used to living in a big city, will find it easy to live here,” he says.

One reason is that you can easily access the urban area with a highway bus. He loves to take the Hojo Railway train that runs a single line in the green landscape. What makes this place unique, is that you can live a life in a lush green environment, but also easily go and hang out in the big city.


After listening to the three immigrants from Kasai City promoting their hometown as aliens from Planet Kasai, you really get a feel for the nice personality of the people living in Kasai City. Why don’t you migrate to Kasai City, where you can live in a green environment, while also being supported with latest technologies?


translated by Samu Pekka Ojanen