Being next to the Tokyo metropolitan area, Kanagawa Prefecture is located within commuting distance to the center of Tokyo. However, it is also a city that has a unique charm that cannot be found in the heart of Tokyo.

In this article we will introduce Mr. Yasuda, who moved from Tokyo to Ashigara area in Kanagawa Prefecture and talks about the charm of living in Kanagawa.





Why did you decide to move to Kanagawa Prefecture?

Mr. Yasuda, proudly shows potatoes that he has grown in his own field. He has a wife, a son, and a daughter and moved from Fuchu City in Tokyo to Ashigara area in Kanagawa Prefecture.

While he was working in Europe, he came across big potatoes, and wanted to try to grow them by himself and thus decided to move to Kanagawa Prefecture, where he would be able to continue working in Tokyo, while at the same time do farming in an environment that has clean water and air.

Mr. Yasuda has been changing the potato cultivation method, and after many refinements he is finally able to grow his long-planned big potatoes.




You don’t have to give up your work in Tokyo if you live in Kanagawa Prefecture!

Mr. Yasuda works in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Commuting time is about 1 hour 45 minutes. It feels a bit long, but Mr. Yasuda has no complaints. This is because he can comfortably work on the Shinkansen bullet train while commuting to and from his workplace.

Mr. Yasuda is leading a satisfying and balanced private and work-life. During the weekend he devotes himself to the farm, while on weekdays he works in such way that he does not have to come home late.

“When I arrive at Daiyuzan Station, I can feel the slightly cold air. Once I breathe in that air, I become Mr. Yasuda of Ashigara again.” Mr. Yasuda describes how he senses the difference between the air in Tokyo and the air in Ashigara.




Do you have any recommendations for places to visit?

Yukake Festival

For someone who wants to experience history and enjoy nature, Ashigara area is the place to go. Recommended places are Lake Ashi, and Odawara Castle which are located all around the area.

In spring, the illuminated Shidare Zakura cherryblossom trees at Araijoshi Park make a beautiful scenery. At the park you can also find ruins of feudal lord Arai Mitsugu’s castle. There are also street stalls that you can check out, while viewing the cherry blossoms.

“Yukake Festival” is held in Yugawara area every year in May. It is a true spectacle to watch the audience throw 1000 barrels (about 60 metric tons) of hot spring water at a portable shrine,




The local delicacies of Ashigara area in Kanagawa Prefecture♪

Delicacies of Ashigara area are boar stew and Odawara oden. Boar stew is a miso-flavored winter dish, which is made of wild boar meat. It can be eaten at restaurants, as well as during Nishi-Tanzawa Autumn Foliage Festival held in November every year.

Odawara oden is a simmered dish, which is made of boiled fish-paste products, local products, and various other ingredients.

What makes it unusual, is that it is dipped in plum miso! An Oden competition is held every year, so this local dish is constantly being developed to the next level.


Why not live a rural and stylish lifestyle in Kanazawa and continue working in Tokyo.


translated by Samu Pekka Ojanen