“The Moment SHIZUOKA” is a promotional movie that features various selected moments of Shizuoka Prefecture.



Shizuoka has a lot of attractions including Mt.Fuji, Jogasaki Coast, Lake Hamana, historical places like the Statue of Tokugawa Ieyasu, amusement parks, shopping malls and more! The movie shows us 43 different attractions. This article will introduce Shizuoka Prefecture from places to visit to foods that must be savored.




What kind of place is Shizuoka Prefecture?

Shizuoka has a huge prefectural territory of 155km east to west, and 118km south to north. Dialects and cultures differ depending on the region. The giant prefecture offers a wide variety of attractions and activities such as Mt. Fuji, Izu Penninsula, Suruga Bay, to mention just the main symbols, and are popular among visitors. Shizuoka Prefecture faces the Pacific Ocean that brings plenty of fresh seafood, especially Sakura Ebi (Sakura shrimp) can be caught only in Suruga Bay. Specialties of Shizuoka are not only seafood. Hamamatsu Gyoza, Fujinomiya Yakisoba, and more are getting popular these days. Shizuoka also has plenty of natural resources such as hot springs and geothermal resources due to active volcanos.




Access to the city of Shizuoka, Shizuoka Prefecture

Arriving by train:
Approximately 1h 30min from Tokyo to Shizuoka station.


Arriving by bus:
Approximately 3h 10min by highway bus.




Three Must-see places in Shizuoka Prefecture

Miho no Matsubara

Miho no Matsubara, the pine grove, is located in the city of Shizuoka and known as one of the new three most famous scenic places in Japan and as a designated national view and configuration assets of World Heritage Mt. Fuji. Miho no Matsubara has approximately 30 thousand Pine trees on a 7km coast making a breathtaking scenery with the ocean and Mt. Fuji. Cycling and cruising from Shimizu port is a fun activity on a sunny day!



Jogasaki Coast

Jogasaki Coast is located in the city of Ito, Izu Penninsula, which was created by volcanic lava stones from Mt. Omuro 4000 years ago. Jogasaki Coast is famous for suspension bridges especially the Kadowaki Suspension bridge. The indigo blue sea from the bridge is amazing and Hashidate bridge is another popular spot.



The Shiraito Falls

The waterfall is located in the city of Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture. The name of the falls means “White thread” because the stream (20m height and 200m width) resembles hanging threads of silk. The waterfall is designated as the configuration assets of World Heritage Mt. Fuji and 100 most famous waterfalls in Japan. The scenery with rainbow and Mt. Fuji is amazing and makes us feel refreshed. Also the hiking courses are a popular activity.




Three Must-eat dishes in Shizuoka Prefecture

Fresh seafood

Shizuoka Prefecture is blessed with plenty of marine products such as Sakura shrimps that can be caught only in Surugabay, Tuna and Shirasu fish in Shimizu, Japanese spider crabs in Numazu, Kinmedai fish in Shimoda and more! There are many sea ports on the coast of Shizuoka Prefecture and you can eat fresh seafood at these ports. Dried Sakura shrimp is one of the most popular souvenirs of Shizuoka.



Unagi (Eels)

Hamamatsu and Mishima in Shizuoka Prefecture are well-known places for Unagi, too. Especially Lake Hamana in the city of Hamamatsu is known as the birthplace of eel farming in Japan. Unagi that are grown with clear water from Mt. Fuji in Mishima are very popular.



Kuro Hanpen (Black Fish Cake)

Kuro Hanpen is Shizuoka’s soul food made with minced mackerels and sardines. It is highly nutritious because the fish is minced with its bones, adding a rich flavor. You can either eat it as is because or arrange the taste by dipping it in soy sauce and wasabi, deep fry it, or add it to the Shizuoka Oden hot pot.




Three Must-buy souvenirs in Shizuoka Prefecture

Green tea

Shizuoka is known as the best green tea producer both for quality and quantity. Of course, tea leaves are the most popular souvenirs along with variety of green tea flavored sweets.



Unagi Pie

Unagi pie is a crispy cookie with eel extract but doesn’t have Unagi flavor and is a standard souvenir in Hamamatsu. Nowadays, different flavors of Unagi pie such as nuts and brandy are popular among tourists. An Unagi pie factory tour is also available.



Abekawa Mochi

Abekawa Mochi is a traditional sweet of Shizuoka which is freshly made Mochi (rice cake) dusted with Kinako (soybean flour) and white sugar. It’s made since the Edo period and has been loved by Tokugawa Ieyasu. Currently Abekawa Mochi covered with red bean paste is popular too. It’s a great souvenir but we highly recommend to taste the freshly made Abekawa Mochi in Shizuoka.




The Dialect of Shizuoka Prefecture

The dialect of Shizuoka Prefecture is classified into Izu, Suruga and Enshu dialect. Every dialect in Shizuoka Prefecture sounds similar to standard Japanese thus making it easy to understand.


Ganko … Greatly, lots of

Kekkoi … Beautiful

Kowai … Hard, stiff

Kajiru … to scratch



Do you want to visit Shizuoka, the prefecture with lots of delicious food and beautiful nature?



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