In 2017, Fukuoka Prefecture had a promotion event to show the world how attractive the Tonkotsu Ramen is and this promotional movie was created.



It shows us Tokotsu Ramen has a big impact on the world and even the outerspace! 4 winners from all over the world won the free trip to Fukuoka on this promotion! There are still many people who don’t know what kind of Fukuoka Prefecture is. We would like to introduce Fukuoka Prefecture to the people in an easy-yo-understand manner. What kind of place is Fukuoka Prefecture?




What kind of place is Fukuoka Prefecture?

Fukuoka prefecture is located in the northernmost of Kyushu and in between Shanghai and Tokyo. Fukuoka has the largest population in Kyushu and has been a gateway of Asian countries. There is a huge shopping district always packed with many people in Tenjin and Hakata area. If you walk away a bit from the heart of the city, you will find beautiful nature and be able to enjoy cycling and trekking. However the best thing about Fukuoka is so many inexpensive and great restaurants and izakayas because of the local fresh seafood and vegetable. You can’t miss especially Tonkotsu Ramen which was originally born in Fukuoka.




Access to City of Fukuoka

Approximately 2 hours from Haneda Airport to Fukuoka Airport and 10 mins to the center of the city by taking subway.




Three Must-see places in Fukuoka Prefecture

Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine

Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine was one of the most popular place to visit in Fukuoka. The shrine was built over the grave of Michizane Sugawara who is deified as a god of education and has so many visitors especially students who pray good luck with their exams from both overseas and domestic. Plum trees beautifully bloom in February and March. You can stop by a store to get and eat “Umegaemochi”, the Japanese sweets from Dazaifu.



Yanagawa River Cruising

Cruising in water-filled in moats can be fun in Yanagawa which was flourished as the castle town long time ago. Yanagawa is a beautiful city makes you healed throughout the year. You will find appetizing aroma through the town and it is Yanagawa’s specialty of Seiro mushi style of steamed eels.



Courtesy of Fukuoka City


Yatai (Food stands)

Food stands with colorful signs are essential for night life in Fukuoka. Over 100 food stands open in every evening at Nakasu area, Nagahama area and Tenjin area. Each stand serves different food and drinks such as Ramen, Oden, Gyoza (dumplings), Yakitori, Tempura and more! It’s such a homelike place you can get along with strangers.




Three Must-eat dishes in Fukuoka Prefecture

Tonkotsu Ramen

Fukuoka is the birthplace of workdwide famous Tonkotsu Ramen! It features thin noodles and thick white pork broth simmered with pork born for hours. “Kaedama” is Fukuoka’s local system which you can get another extra noodles in your bowl.




Yakitori is a skewered chicken but in Fukuoka, it means skewered anything like pork, beef, seafood and vegetable. Torikawa skewer wrapped with chicken skin is the most popular and there are always line at Torikawa specialty restaurants.




Mizutaki is a hotpot dish made by boiling boney chicken chunks with seasonal vegitables. The broth has a rich flavor and can be made Zosui (rice soup) and/or Udon after finishing all ingredients in a pot.




Three Must-buy souvenirs in Fukuoka Prefecture

Japanese Sake

Fukuoka is blessed with rich water from Tsukushi Heiya and Chikugogawa River and tasty sake has been made for a long time. Sake from Fukuoka is great and there is a Sake maker won a intenational prize.




Yamecha is a greentea has the ricchest flavor and sweetness. The village of Hoshino that is famous for the beautiful starry sky is well known place as the best Yamecha production. You should visit “Hoshino Bunkakan” where you can experience the tea celemony too.



Koishiwara Yaki ware

Koishiwara yaki’s simple an d hearty texture is perfect for daily use. Koishiwara yaki is produced in the village of Toho has around 50 potteries in beautiful mountainious area. Please find your favorite ware!




Dialect of Fukuoka Prefecture

There are many different types of dialect in Fukuoka Prefecture such as “Hakata-ben”,”Fukuoka-ben”,”Kitakyushu-ben”,”Chikugo-ben”,”Kurume-ben”,”Chikuho-ben” and so on.Hakata-ben is the most well-known one but every dialect has different accent and/or vocabulary.Since the people in Fukuoka love their home, they keep proudly speaking their own dialect so every dialect can’t be lost.


Nanbashiyotto? (Nanshiyouto?) … What are you doing?

Dogen shitato? … What happened?/ What’s wrong?

Imakara Kuruken … I’m going there. / I’m on my way.

Icchon wakaran  … I have no idea

Tottotto? … Did you take it? (place or thing)



Why don’t you visit Fukuoka Prefecture to taste great food?



Fukuoka Prefecture Tourism Information Site 「Fukuoka Prefecture Tourism Information Cross Road Fukuoka」