Kagoshima, the place where modern Japanese history was made, has a variety of charms such as a magnificent nature, precious regional food, fantastic hot springs and more!



The promotional movie was created to show the world how wonderful of a place Kagoshima is.




What kind of place is Kagoshima Prefecture?


Kagoshima Prefecture is located in southwestern Japan and spans 600km from north to south. Kagoshima has warm weather and an average higher temperature than the rest of Japan. It has a rich agricultural, livestock and marine products as well. Kagoshima is also famous for its historical and cultural heritages from the Meiji restoration, Yakushima, the island that was designated as a world natural heritage and hot springs such as Ibusuki.




Access to Kagoshima city

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 2h 5min from Haneda Airport to Kagoshima Airport.




Three Must-see Places in Kagoshima Prefecture

Sata-misaki (Cape Sata)

Sata-misaki is the southernmost point of the island, located 31 degrees north latitude. One of the oldest lighthouses called Sata-misaki is on Owa island 50m away from the southernmost cliff. The lighthouse was designed and built during the Meiji period by an English man but was burnt down by and air raid in 1945. It was then rebuilt in 1950. Sata-misaki is located in Kirishima-Kinkowan National Park, and Yakushima island and Tanegashima island can be seen from there on a sunny day.



Ibusuki Sunamushi Onsen (Ibusuki Sand Bath)

Ibusuki Onsen, located on the southernmost point of Satsuma Peninsula, is famous for Sunamushi Onsen (Sand Bath) that covers the body with sand heated by hot springs stream underground. At the sand bath, you lay down on the sand and a staff puts will cover your entire body with the heated sand. On stiff areas of your body, the staff will put extra warm sand to cure the affected part. After 10 minutes, you will start sweating all over your body, a sign indicating that your body is being detoxified. The sand bath is especially popular among women due to its detoxifying effects.



Ogawa no Taki Waterfall

The 46-meter height and 60-meter width waterfall has an emerald green basin. It is located in the Nejime area of Minami-Osumi upstreaming from the Ogawa river. While walking the 1200m path from the parking area to the falls visitors listen to the relaxing sound of the stream. Be sure to be dressed for trekking because the you will be walking sloping roads.




Three Must-eat foods of Kagoshima Prefecture

Kagoshima Kuroushi Beef

Kagoshima Kuroushi has won the top prize of Wagyu (Japanese beef) in Japan. Kagoshima Kuroushi is finely marbled beef tender and rich in taste.



Kagoshima Kurobuta Pork

Kagoshima Kurobuta is a local specialty proud to be the number one producer in quality and quantity. Because of the tight muscle fibers, the texture of the meat is very tender and has a rich flavor. Saigo Takamori, known as the great contributor of the Meiji Restoration, was a great fan of Kagoshima Kurobura as well.




If you like to drink, you cannot miss Shochu when visiting Kagoshima! Kagoshima is THE Shochu kingdom with many fans. Sochu is made from sweet potatoes, brown sugar, wheat etc. You can enjoy the drink by mixing it with hot or cold water, soda, ice and any other drink you like. It’s been loved by the locals because it takes away tiredness and won’t make you hangover. Thus, they call it “Daiyame (fatigue killer)”. Shochu goes well with Kagoshima’s local food such as Satsuma-age, Kibinago fish and more!




Three Musu-buy Souveinirs in Kagoshima


Satsuma-age is fried fish cake from Kagoshima. There is a vast variety in flavors including vegetables like carrots and burdock, cheese, rice cake and more. Find your favorite one!




Karukan is sweets from Kyushu region made from Japanese yam, non-glutinous rice and sugar. The origin of the name is “light (“Karui” in Japanese)” and “yokan” (sweet bean jelly). Karukan Manju, a steamed bun filled with red bean paste is also very popular.



Sweets made from Satsuma-imo (sweet potatoes)

Since Satsuma-imo (sweet potatoes) are a special product in Kagoshima, there is a variety of sweets made from the sweet potatoes such as Satsuma-imo Karinto (fried dough cookies), Karaimo-ame (sweet potato candy) and more!




Dialect of Kagoshima Prefecture

In Kagoshima Prefecture, many different dialects are spoken because the prefecture has many islands and the main region is long in the north and south.

The dialects in Amami Oshima island, Tokunoshima island and Kikai island are Amami dialect but its in other 2 islands are like the dialect of Okinawa.

Kagoshima has more dialects which are roughly classified into 5 regions such as Koshiki-shima, Taneyaku, Satsuma, Osumi and Morokata.


Oyattosah … Thank you for your hard work (a greeting expression)

Jaddo … Yes, You are right; Absolutely

Kibare … Good luck, Do your best

Bokkemon … fearless person

Aigatosagemoshita … Thank you



Why don’t you visit Kagoshima Prefecture to enjoy their vaunted beautiful nature and tasty meat?



「Honmono no tabi Kagoshima」Kagoshima Prefecture official tourism information site.