The Ehime Prefecture created PR movie, which shows us Ehime as a perfect destination to relax and refresh. It’s a great place for girls who want to spend chilling and healing time from their busy lives. It introduces us to many activities such as bathing in hot springs, cycling, walking in town and eating tasty local food.





What kind of place is Ehime Prefecture?

It is located in northwestern Shikoku (smallest of the four main islands of Japan), the northern part faces Seto Inland Sea, thesouthern part faces Uwa Sea. In the south is Mt. Ishizuchi, the highest mountain in western Japan. Ehime Prefecture is blessed with a richness of nature both mountains and seas that bring a lot of fantastic food. Ehime is a fascinating place with hospitality, the oldest hot springs in Japan, nice and old town scenery, historical places, traditional cultures and more.




Access to city of Matsuyama


Arriving by airplane:

Approximately 1h 15min from Haneda Airport to Matsuyama Airport and 15 mins by limousine bus from the airport to Matsuyama Station.


Arriving by bus:

Approximately 12 hours from Tokyo station to Matsuyama station.


Arriving by train:

Approximately 2h 40min by bullet train from Tokyo to Okayama station, then take the Express Shiokaze to Matsuyama station.




3 Must-see places in Ehime Prefecture

Dogo Onsen Honkan

Dogo Onsen is the representative tourist spot of Ehime that is known as the oldest hot spring in Japan. The smooth hot spring is called “water of beautiful lady” and the public bath is an important cultural property. It is also fun to walk in town wearing a Yukata. Dogo Onsen is absolutely the hottest hot spring place now that the annex “Asukano-yu” has newly opened.



Setouchi Shimanami Kaido

If you are a cycling lover, you can’t miss Setouchi Shinmanami Kaido. It is a worldwide famous cycling course and is proudly known as one of the 7 best bike routes selected by CNN America. It is worth experiencing a bike ride to see the beautiful sea called “Aegean Sea of the Orient”. Around the sea area is the base of Murakami pirates who are a designated Japan Heritage. Taking a boat is fun too. You can thrillingly feel the strong tide of Kurushima Kaikyo that is one of the 3 fastest currents in Japan.



Yusumizugaura no Danbata

Danbata in Yusumizugaura is the terraced farm made by piling up stones in the peninsula facing the Uwa sea. The beautiful sea scenery is truly breathtaking. The wisdom of people made this superb view of Danbata. It looks like stairs to heaven and is said “plowing to reach heaven” when you look up the view.




3 Must-eat Dishes in Ehime Prefecture


Tai-meshi means “rice with sea bream.” Ehime is number one in catching sea bream. They have 2 different types of Tai-meshi. One type cookes rice and sea bream together with salt or soy sauce. The other type is white rice topped with raw sea bream sashimi and a special sauce. You should try both of them and see which one you like.



Imabari Yakitori

Imabari is famous for Yakitori but their Yakitori is not grilled on a skewer over charcoal. They grill the chicken on an iron plate. The most popular Yakitori is called “Kawa” (chicken skin), and is crispy outside but juicy inside.




There are many fans of the tasty “Jako-ten” which is a special product of Uwajima. It is made from fresh fish caught in the Uwa sea. The fish is minced and deep fried. Freshly deep fried Jakoten tastes great and every store has different recipe with different ingredients. You should find your favorite one.




3 Must-buy Souvenirs of Ehime Prefecture

Imabari Towel

Imabari towel has a 120-year history and has been keeping its status quo for “safe and best quality” amazing the world for its softness and high absorbancy.



Tobe-yaki ware

Round shaped porcelain with simple patterns in blue and white is the characteristic of Tobe-yaki. Its sturdiness and lovable design has been the reason for being an essential product for the local people for over 240 years and has been designated as a traditional craft.



Mikan (Japanese tangerine)

Ehime is famous for Mikan which is continually blessed with plenty of sunshine and sea breeze that produces a perfect balance of sweet and sourness. So many different kinds of citrus are grown in Ehime owning the top market share nationwide. You can find many products made from the citrus such as juice, sweets and more when you go to souvenir stores.




Dialect of Ehime Prefecture

The dialect spoken in Ehime Prefecture is called “Iyo-ben” which is the remainder of old expressions from the Kyoto dialect that is no longer spoken.

However, the dialect of Nanyo region influenced from the Kyushu dialect, is totally different from the one spoken in the Chuyo and Toyo region, is influenced by the Kinki region.


Dandan … Thank you

Gaina … An expression of emphasis

Inagena … strange, weird

Hoyaken … so, that is why, because, since

Itte Kowai … going home



Why don’t you visit Ehime Prefecture to feel the blessing of the sea and mountains.



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