Tochigi prefecture has an antenna shop Tochimaru shop, located in Tokyo Metropolitan area, which sells Tochigi famous products. Another face for this shop is the Local Gourmet Special Mission Division of Tochigi prefecture’s secret police. Next is a promotion video of Tochigi prefecture, depicting the special mission division solving cases one after another. A newcomer detective named Koderannee struggles to solve cases with the Tochigi dialect.



With this video the city scenery, gourmet and dialect of Tochigi can be fully enjoyed. What kind of place is Tochigi prefecture that appears in this video? Please enjoy our glimpse at Tochigi prefecture.



What Kind of Village is Tochigi Prefecture

Tochigi is a prefecture with mountains of Ōu, Nikko and Ashio arising to the height of 1500m to 2500m above the sea level. Tochigi prefecture, located in the Northern part of Kanto, is popular among people who enjoy outdoor sports as it is easy to access also from the capital city.

With World Heritage sites like Nikko shrine and Nikko Toshogu, Tochigi prefecture is a place to visit for history lovers. It is also famous for its many power spots, and is recommended to people with interest to spirituality.



Access to Tochigi Prefecture

Approx. 50 min. from Tokyo to Utsunomiya station by Shinkansen.

With a highway bus, it takes approx. 3 hours and 30 min. from Shinjuku station to Nasu hot spring.

Approx. 1 hour 30 min. from Tokyo Kawaguchi IC to Tochigi IC by car.




Three must-see Places in Tochigi Prefecture

Nikko Toshogu

Nikko Toshogu is one of the World Heritage sites. It is also known as a worship place for Tokugawa Ieyasu. When visiting Tochigi prefecture, please listen to the talk of the three wise monkeys who “see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil”.



EDO WONDERLAND, Nikko Edo Village

Edo Wonderland located in Nikko city, is a wonderland where Edo period can be experienced. As passing through the checking gate and going forward on the main road, one can see the scenery of Edo period village. Edo Wonderland is also famous among foreign visitors.



Kinugawa Hot Spring

Kinugawa is the representative hot spring in Tochigi prefecture. It is popular because of its easy accessibility by train from Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. Kinugawa hot spring is an alkali hot spring which works for nerve deceases, restoration of fatigue and is said to be gentle for the skin.




 Three must-eat dishes of Tochigi prefecture

Utsunomiya Dumplings

Tochigi cannot be mentioned without Utsunomiya dumplings. These dumplings are filled with a lot of vegetables. Chinese cabbage is widely used which makes it at the same time classical but also light. These can be eaten endlessly! What about finding your favorite shop among the many ones in Tochigi city?



Sano Ramen

Sano ramen is made with special flat noodles which are made using bamboo in the production process. The transparent soy sauce soup is made with chicken or pig bone broth, depending on the shop recipe. The simple ingredients of roasted pork fillet and green onion, bamboo shoots and steamed fish-paste cake will make you feel nostalgic.



Lemon Milk

This milk is only possible to drink in Tochigi, so you can’t leave without having a taste. The impact of the package and the name differs from the simple and gentle taste that you can’t get enough of.




Three must-buy souvenirs of Tochigi Prefecture

 Nikko Yuba (Soybean Milk Skin Delicacy)

This is a special product of Nikko. Especially the “sashimi soybean skin”, a finely sliced soybean milk skin, is popular. The rich flavor of soy and smooth texture makes you want to buy one for yourself too.



Utsunomiya Dumplings

This representative dish of Tochigi is also a popular souvenir. You can also have it sent to your home frozen, so we recommend to taste and compare different ones.



Imperial Villa Cheese Cake

This cheese cake can be preserved at room temperature which makes it a suitable souvenir. Before its perfection this cake was refined numerous times. Its taste is worth visiting Tochigi.



Dialect of Tochigi Prefecture

Tochigi dialect differs depending on the region. Even to the extent that people from neighboring towns are not able to have a conversation with each other. Tochigi dialect has plentiful use of rising intonation and it is said to be “Dialect with no accent” as it has no distinction between accents. Please try to use Tochigi-ben (Tochigi dialect) next time you visit the prefecture.


Daijike?…Are you ok?

Masaka…As one would expect.

Bunnageru…Leave as it is.

Ikiau…To meet (unexpectedly).

Yokanbe…That is good, right?



Tochigi prefecture – A place with abundant charm. Please visit!


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