Average 68.2 years old guys shows us active and youthful performance on the PR movie!

The group called “G-POP from Kochi-ke ALL STARS” performs with theme of “Life is Fantas-g-c”.”G” sound means “elderly man” or “grandpa” in Japanese. Their song called “I was young” is sung in English with dance music tune.



The grandpas dance where the background was the beautiful ocean in Kochi prefecture. It is really cool!



What kind of place is Kochi prefecture?


Kochi prefecture is located in Shikoku (smallest of the four main islands of Japan) region on the pacific ocean. It has beautiful nature such as Shimanto-gawa River which is famous as  Japan’s last pristine river. Also known as the place where historical great people such as Ryoma Sakamoto and Shigeru Yoshida.



Access to city of Kochi


Arriving by bus: Approximately 35 minutes from Kochi Ryoma Airport to Kochi station.



3 Must-see Spots to Visit When Visiting Kochi Prefecture

Kochi Castle (Kochi-jo)

Kochi castle was a city hall of the province of Tosa in Edo period. The castle tower, the main enclosure of the castle and gate extant since then, and the castle is a National Treasure and Important Cultural Asset.



Shimanto-gawa River

Shimanto-gawa River is called “Japan’s last pristine river” and/or “Three Clear-Flowing Rivers in Japan”, along with the Nagara River in Gifu Prefecture and the Kakita River in Shizuoka prefecture. The beautiful river is the longest river in Shikoku region. The traditional way of fishing is still often done by local people.




Katsura-hama is a beautiful beach facing Pacific ocean and one of the most famous sightseeing spot in Kochi prefecture. The beach is sung in “Yosakoi-bushi”, the traditional folk song in Tosa. Katsura-hama is very popular place to visit because there are more spots to see such as Ryoma Sakamoto Bronze Statue, The Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum and an aquarium nearby.



3 Must-eat Dishes to Order When Visiting Kochi Prefecture

Katsuo tataki (seared bonito)

Katsuo tataki is the most popular and famous local food in Kochi prefecture. It is seared and salted bonito with chopped green onions, garlic, Japanese ginger and more on top.



Yatai Gyoza (Dumplings at food stalls)

It started in 1970s and is popular with both locals and tourists since then. It’s pan-fried and crispy outside and the lots of vegetable and meat inside.




Tosa Akaushi (Tosa red cow)

The Tosa red cow is a rare variety of brown-colored cattle, being sold only 500 cows every year in Japan.

Its key feature is the deliciousness of its red meat – marbled beef that contains refined intramuscular fat in such a way as to maintain a good balance between red meat and fat.



3 Must-get Souvenirs to Buy When Visiting Kochi Prefecture

100% Juice of organic Yuzu (Citrus junos)

Yuzu juice can be added to any food such as grilled meat, fish and cocktails. Also, Yuzu ponzu sauce and Yuzu dressing are popular.



Aonori Seaweed Tsukudani from Shimantogawa River

Most of natural Aonori seaweed is from Shimantogawa river because it can be grown only in pure brackish water. It’s very rare and high quality Aonori Seaweed Tsukudani and it goes well with freshly cooked white rice.



Dried Bonito Flakes

There are so many kinds of Tosa Katsuo(Bonito) products for souvenirs but dried bonito flakes is good one and can be used for many dishes.



The Dialect of Kochi Prefecture

Babahi … Dazzling

Uchinon … Mine

Kojanto … An expression of emphasis for something like “very”, “greatly” or “so”.

Zun … Stubborn weirdo


Why don’t you visit Kochi prefecture that has beautiful nature and great local food?



「Yosakoi Net」Kochi Prefecture official tourism information Site