Have you ever thought that it’d be perfect if there is a place where has a kitchen and you can have parties?

I know a place. It’s very convenient and reasonable located in Nakameguro.


It takes 7 minutes by walk from Nakameguro station(Tokyu Toyoko Line) called Cafe Brown stone.

There is a kitchen and of course you can use cookware for free. The owner is a very nice person so there is nothing

you can complain about!

There are 14 seats but if it’s stand up party style, 20 people place. The average is about 15 people.



With your family, friends someone you care for, it’d be perfect!!

Personally, I’ve used a couple of times and every time  guest tell me they love the place!


If you are looking for a place somewhere like this, feel free to email or ask the owner.



Rental space  Cafe Brown stone

1-4-13 ASA Higashiyama BLDG 2-A