Have you heard “Oiso Long Beach?”

It sounds like “beach” but actually it’s a pool managed by Prince hotel group.

I promise that couples, friends and of course families, all of people have fun and good time there.


1:Flowing pool

2:Waving pool

3:10m jumping stand

4:Water slide

5:Kids pool


It sounds good, doesn’t it?


You can bring drinks so it’d be a great idea to have some drinks at pool side.



Why don’t you visit there before the summer ends.



Oiso Long Beach

Dates:July 8~September 18


Address:Hongo Kokufu Oisocho Naka gun, Kanagawa


Price:  Children  One day pass 2,000yen 、Infants(older than 3 years old)1,000yen
              Adults   3,800 yen

             Students 2,600 yen  Senior (older than 65 years old) 2,100 yen

Access  : Bus from  Oiso station( Tokaido line) 10 min (200 yen children 100 yen)or Taxi 7 min (1400 yen)

                   2km from Oiso I.C.( 5 min)  Tomei Highway