If you use this eyebrow tint, you won’t have to draw your eyebrows for 3 ~7 days.


Yes, actually I’ve tried it a couple of times and it works. I love it!


Especially in this season, it happens sometimes to see your eyebrows are gone on a mirror because it’s so hot and humid here in Japan.

No worries.

It’s good for swimming in the pool and ocean or when you have a plan to travel with your boyfriend.

You don’t have to worry about putting make up at least if you have eyebrows.




Here is how to use.



First put the eyebrow tint on your eyebrow as you wish.

It looks too think, but don’t worry.


It gets dried in 5~10 min but if you leave it for more than 2 hours, it’ll keep longer.



If it’s dry, peel slowly from the side.



Here you go, it looks very natural, doesn’t it?

Fujiko Eyebrow Tint