We had a Takoyaki Party at my friends’ place the other day.
Takoyaki is the best for a party because it’s easy to prepare and cook, cheap and fun!
The fresh octopus was sent by my friend’s father from his hometown.









They made Oden featured the octopus as well.







We made three different flavors of Takoyaki such as standard flavor, topped with coriander and cheese, and Ponzu with grated daikon radish.
Every flavor was tasty and we never stopped eating them!

Then my friends’ came up an idea to make Akashiyaki.
Akashiyaki is local food of Akashi in Hyogo prefecture and its dough has more eggs than Takoyaki which we dip with Dashi broth.
It was my very first time to eat Akashiyaki in my life!! I was excited!









Akashiyaki is so yummy!!!