The main street of Dazaifu-shi in Fukuoka prefecture where Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine is located, is so lively and fantastic!
Dazaifu-shi is well known as a historical city where of 15% of the city is historical place.









Even Starbucks is cool!
The scenery of the city reminds me Karuizawa and Kamakura.









There are many Dazaifu’s local traditional sweets shops called “Umegae-mochi” which is rice cake has red bean paste in it.

Since I don’t eat red bean paste, I didn’t even try it but my friends enjoyed it so much.

The main street is not only place to see.
There is a huge museum called “Kyushu National Museum”.
They were closed when I went there so I saw just the exterior of the building.








The city was so cool besides the historical places.