Mount. Fuji is definitely one of the representative of Japan. The height of Mt. Fuji is 3776 meters and covering with snow for most of the seasons. We could always connect the picture of MT. Fuji and Japan on the same page, aren’t we?

Every years during July to the mid of September is the opening season for climbing Mount. Fuji. It’s one of the general events Japanese would love to do during summer and of course it’s one of the attractions for foreigners to visit as well. People go hike the Mt. Fuji by making a plan on ourselves or following an specific mountaineering groups. If it;s your first time, I strongly suggest you to go with an agency, it;s a lot safer.

There are basically ten different levels of Mount. Fuji, people usually taking bus till the fifth level and start climbing from then, On the way up to the mountain are pretty rocky and sandy, you really need to have a good physical strength in order to make it to the top. You can find cabins to stay overnight from level 6 to eight, and wait for the sunrise. Many people actually didn’t know that they have mountain sickness due to the altitude, but once you get through it and after watching the sunrise, all the pains will go away immediately.

After going down after the long journey, you can find many souvenir shops around the fifth level. Many chocolates and snacks with a Mt. Fuji modelling. I personally find myself a Mt. Fuji modelling cup, isn’t cute?