I’ve been introducing some popular Taiyaki places where use traditional way however I feel like having Taiyaki on the street at festival. That kind of situation the way they make Taiyaki is use many pans at  the same time.

People might prefer the traditional way (making individually)  but the new way has been improved a lot.



In 80’s, economics in Japan was extremely good and it had give influence to food on the streets like Crepes, chulos and caramel popcorns.

Taiyaki had been changed and arranged with unique fillings such as custard cream, chocolate, sweet potatoes, green tea, sakura, sesame and sweet chestnuts. The size has become smaller as petit taiyaki which is one fifth of regular size.

Dough has been well thought. Some people used Tapioca powder instead of flour.

These days you can see other toppings or croissant style Taiyaki as well.

Hope you can feel there is a history for Taiyaki.