Volleyball, Basketball and Badminton, these are also popular indoor sports in Japan.


Many indoor sports are played in Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, such as a competition each sports. The location of this is near JR(Japan Railways) Sendagaya Station about five minutes by walking and has the capacity 10,000 people. A lot of international and domestic competition are conducted, such as back in history, 1964 Tokyo Olympic and recently Yonex Open Japan(International Badminton Competition in September , 2016).


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But is it really only aspect of conducting international/domestic sport competitions in here? No. This facility opens for the citizen around it in weekday and weekend when not to play by big competitions. Besides, many of other sport facilities, like futsal pitch, athletic field and sport gym etc…, are built next to this gymnasium. So we can easily touch various sports around this.


Then what do you want to do after sport? Somebody answer to enjoy a meal and drink during talking with your friends. Of course, the variety of restaurant and Japanese pub is around these. So Please drop in Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium with enjoying sports, communicate and meal with your/new friends by all means.