Tokyo Banana is perhaps the most classic kind of omiyage (a souvenir one brings back home from trips and travels). It first went on sale in 1991 and has been a bestseller ever since. You can find a Tokyo Banana shop at all major train stations in Tokyo.

DSCF0480First of all, like anything in Japan, it looks cute! The wrapping and the shape, the whole thing is just adorable. The main ingredient is not hard to guess – banana cream. DSCF0520

The classic Tokyo Banana is sponge cake with cream filling. As its makers suggest, it is tastier when chilled, or even frozen as ice cream. It will make a perfect addition to your teatime.

Tokyo Banana has many sister products like giraffe-like caramel flavor, or chocolate banana custard cream flavor. There are also Tokyo Banana cookies and waffles, and even a Tokyo Banana chocolate brownie!

DSCF0526Tokyo has so much to offer it is almost impossible to recommend just one thing. But if you want something that definitely represents Tokyo in the eyes of many Japanese, Tokyo Banana is what you need! And in addition, it will sweeten your way back home and help you recover from missing Tokyo terribly.