While there are many delicacy in Hokkaido, one of the most impressive produced that people often purchase as souvenir, is the Niagara White Raw chocolate from Letao.

Niagara is a type of wine produced in Hokkaido. Using Niagara as one of the ingredients for the raw chocolate, it creates an even more moist texture than regular chocolate. When the package is opened, one can instantly notice a rich fragrance of grapes.  A small fork is also included in the package for tasting. When tasting the chocolate, it melts in the mouth smoothly with little sweetness. The wine flavor gives the chocolate a refreshing fruity taste and a creamy texture. The taste is unforgettable! The sensation is almost like eating wine!

letao 巧克力
Kids may enjoy the chocolate, because it has no alcohol taste. It is very irresistible and addicting – you won’t be able to stop eating once you try!