One of my favorite Japanese desserts ingredients is the sweet potato. There are many different kinds of sweet potato, one of the tastiest is the Kintoki, produced in Fukui prefecture. There are hundreds of different ways to bring out the natural sweetness and taste of the sweet potato, but a fairly unique one is to make it into a creamy pudding!Fukui

The best thing about traditional Japanese desserts made of sweet potato or sweet beans is that they are never too sweet or too heavy. Of course, it will not work if you eat too much of them, so careful!Fukui4

The kintoki potato pudding matches perfectly with dark chocolate or caramel syrup, and with fresh fruits or sorbets.

One interesting way to eat this sweet potato pudding is to put it in the freezer for an hour or so and pour some melted chocolate over it.Fukui2

Add some fruits and a really well-balanced dessert is served! It will match with almost any drink, but I recommend trying it with some sake (Japanese rice wine), another Fukui specialty.